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Disaster Recovery

Losing valuable data and experiencing extended downtime due to a crashed server or other unforeseen disaster, can cripple a business. That’s why it is important to ensure you have a disaster recovery solution in place so that you can continue with business as usual. This plan should include a reliable off-site remote backup solution which is suited to your specific business needs.

BandwidthBar offers two disaster recovery options which integrate into our remote backup solution, namely our Cold Standby Recovery Solution and Warm Standby Recovery Solution

Cold Standby Recovery Solution

BandwidthBar’s Cold Standby Recovery encompasses the utilization of a server in our data centre on our virtual environment, as well as the installation of your necessary applications. Once the installation is complete we restore your company data on setup to enable us to test the environment and to ensure that the application is working. When we are satisfied the application is in fact working, we shut down this server, placing it in cold standby. In the event that your on-site server crashes, we will bring the server up, within our infrastructure, restoring the latest off-site data. This will allow you to access your applications remotely via an Internet connection.

Warm Standby Recovery Solution

BandwidthBar’s Warm Standby Recovery follows the same procedures as our Cold Standby Recovery Solution until the test phase is complete. Once we are satisfied that the application is working, instead of shutting down this server, we keep it up and inject the off-site backup every fifteen minutes. You are then able to access your applications remotely via an Internet connection at any stage with minimal loss of data or downtime.

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