Optical Fibre: Your only choice for lightning-fast connectivity

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Fibre connectivity is the best solution if your organisation needs substantial bandwidth in order to run your wide area network (WAN). It offers significant advantages over the copper-wire internet connections including lightning-fast connectivity and upload and download speeds. It is also more effective over longer distances and for high-demand applications.

Fibre-optic internet connection speeds start at 5MB per second and go up to 640MB per second. To quantify these speeds: At 640Mbps, a 1 GB download would complete in 12 seconds. The same file would take more than two hours to download on a 1Mb ADSL connection.

BandwidthBar’s fibre connections are maintained through a premier service level agreement (SLA). This SLA ensures that any unscheduled downtime is reduced to a minimum and attended to immediately.

BandwidthBar’s optical fibre service is uncapped and unshaped and your monthly costs are dependent on the size of the line.

We offer two contract options:

  • 1-year contract
     This is our minimum term contract and incurs an installation fee of R6 840 including VAT
  • 5-year contract
     If you choose a 5 year optical fibre contract, the installation fee is waived

Size Kbps
Per month cost
5120 R 13 110,00
6144 R 15 732,00
8192 R 20 976,00
10240 R 26 220,00
12288 R 31 464,00
14336 R 36 708,00
16384 R 41 952,00
18432 R 47 196,00
20480 R 52 440,00
25600 R 65 550,00
30720 R 78 660,00
Up to 650MB  

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum 1 year contract.
  • We supply a fibre router, includes monitoring. Excludes a firewall but one can be supplied and managed if required or the service can be connected an existing firewall.
  • The standard service we offer 8 static IP’s, more IP’s can be supplied on request.

For more information on our optical fibre solutions please contact us on 010 007 1056 or email

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