If constant connectivity is critical to the success of your business, then you need to ensure you have a strong redundancy built into your connectivity solutions. It is also a good option if you live or operate your business in an area where copper cables are either not available or are regularly being stolen. BandwidthBar offers a licensed microwave connectivity solution with guaranteed speeds and business-class capacity.

Microwave from BandwidthBar is a licensed wireless solution, which boasts the same advantages as optical fibre and Diginet in terms of upload and download speeds. It can be used to provide the primary connectivity requirements of a business, facilitating the transmission of IP-based data, voice and video services. Microwave can also be used as a redundancy option, ensuring your business can operate uninterrupted, should your primary Internet connection go down. This Microwave solution from BandwidthBar complements your existing connectivity solutions.

Microwave is well suited to the connectivity requirements of mid- to large sized businesses, and multi-branch environments. Multiple solutions are available, ranging from 512kbps up to 155Mbps, affording businesses the flexibility to choose the most appropriate solution for their needs, with the option to increase capacity as the business grows. This solution is wireless and can be installed fairly quickly as it is not reliant on fixed cables. Due to its high speed connectivity, it is useful for networks and point to point links. It is a suitable option for the provision of voice, data and internet services.

At Bandwidthbar we only use licensed Microwave. This means that our clients are assured of the highest quality performance as they run on a frequency dedicated specifically to their organisation.

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