BandwidthBar’s complete Radius solutions reduces your IT costs

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BandwidthBar’s Radius environment was built over a period of 5 years, and its functionality is constantly improving. There is no need for you to procure expensive hardware, data centre infrastructure, or employ a development team. BandwidthBar offers you a complete solution.


  • Multiple Radius servers for redundancy
  • Procure Bandwidth directly from SAIX
  • Complete rebranding
  • Can be hosted on your hardware if preferred
  • Customised Radius development if required

Radius Functionality

  • DNS on Authentication. As an account authenticates it updates the host name associated with that account. This is useful for remote management, monitoring, VPNs and internally hosted services like Microsoft Exchange etc.
  • Number lock-down
  • IP address allocated detail
  • Displays phone number connected and historical numbers used to connect to the account
  • Custom DNS if you prefer not to use the built-in DNS
  • Second capping conditions, e.g. If the client has a 10GB shaped account when 10GB is reached the second capping condition can stipulate "5GB of local only" Bandwidth
  • Create reseller platform, which can be rebranded
  • Top-up page accessible even when a client is cappped
  • Payment gateway integration for top-ups (You will require a merchant account for this functionality)
  • Daily usage reports and monthly reports can be emailed
  • Full reporting
  • Auto top-up
  • SMS and email notifications on usage

Telkom Uniweb Integration

  • Log faults directly on Telkom's Uniweb system
  • Change ADSL lines speeds to stabilise lines
  • See SNR margins that indicate quality of the line
  • ADSL port resets
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