Professional, reliable and secure off-site backup solutions.

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BandwidthBar offers you professional, reliable and secure off-site back solutions to ensure the safety of your critical data, applications and complete systems. This solution should form an integral part of your company’s disaster recovery plan.

Secure your data with an off-site backup.

  • Remote Server backup (Windows Servers, Linux)
  • 14-day retention
  • Includes SQL and Microsoft Exchange plugins
  • Minimum storage: 5GB
  • Encrypted backups
  • Additional protected data charged at R25 per GB, per month
5GB R125 per month


BandwidthBar offers an on-site server for faster restores, in addition to Remote Storage. A BandwidthBar on-site server is not a requirement for using Remote Storage.

  • HP Microserver, with 1TB Storage, 500GB usable (1 year contract): R1290 per month
  • Standard Rack mount Server, with 1TB Storage, 500GB usable (1 year contract): R1483 per month
  • Shuttle delivery service (if no on-site storage is in place): R1200
  • We offer Disaster Recovery services in addition to the remote backup solution. Contact us for more information.

Desktop or Laptop backup

  • Minimum Storage: 5GB account
  • Additional protected data changed at R18 per GB, per month

5GB: R90 per month

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For more information on our remote backup solutions please contact us on 010 007 1056 or email

For our Disaster Recovery solutions please click here