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Why should I use Bandwidth Bar for ADSL re-selling?

BandwidthBar provides you with the tools you need to compete as a fully-fledged ISP without incurring the vast development investment which is normally required at start-up.

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Some of our features:

A white labelled ADSL ISP console allows you to

  • Build your own brand with a custom branded client portal
  • Use your own realm names to complete the branding
  • Use your own DNS names on your customer portal

Easy router management including:

  • MagicDNS: All bandwidthbar accounts receive their own DNS name automatically
    • No more dynamic DNS!
    • DNS that works on local only accounts
  • Quick links to your routers from our admin pages. We support http(s) and custom ports

Comprehensive ADSL Line management

  • Quickly see currently assigned IP address
  • We are integrated into Telkom UniWeb and therefore you may (*):
    • See technical line information from a central administration portal
    • Recreate your own DSLAM ports - no more call centre frustrations
    • Report line faults to Telkom directly from the system
    • View line SNR margins, loop attenuation and synchronisation speeds
    • Change the speed of unstable lines - use supplied information to determine this

Create your own products with extreme flexibility

  • Pay only for complete bandwidth usage - the profit on under usage is for your pocket
  • Create your own packages and topup plans based on provided settings including:
    • Bandwidth Usage: Up, Down and Combined
    • Shaped, Local, Lite and Unshaped Traffic
    • Speed: 64K through to 10240K
    • 2nd tier capping conditions
    • Set accounts to automatically top-up

Secure your accounts

  • Lock connections to a single phone number
  • Use protected access type - block ports for routers with known weaknesses
  • Request a history of all phone numbers that used an account

Be informed

  • Access to advanced reporting:
    • Summary report for a quick overview
    • Account activity report to view bandwidth allowance and usage on accounts
    • Topup report to view topups done by account holders
    • Usage summary report to view bandwidth allowance and usage on individual accounts
    • Usage detail report for some more RADIUS based data
    • Capped user report to see who has been capped
  • Daily usage reports for you and your clients
  • Capping notifications by email and SMS
  • Access to Telkom's ADSL fault notifications

* ADSL lines need to be ported to us for advanced UniWeb functionality

How it all works:

  1. As a reseller you pre-buy a set amount of bandwidth and choose some service types
    e.g. shaped, unshaped, lite or local only
    You will be billed monthly in advance according to the service type and bandwidth package you choose.
  2. The reseller should always pre-buy slightly less bandwidth than what they expect to use within the month.
  3. The reseller has complete control over their package; they may restructure their package according to their needs. Using our tools they can set up standard package options for their clients e.g. 3GB, 4GB, 5GB, etc. as well as pricing structures per package and top up options.
  4. Using a customized branded portal, the reseller can enable their clients to top up their accounts, according to top plans specified by the reseller.
  5. If a reseller exceeds the allocated bandwidth before the month is over they will be billed for the extra bandwidth payable on receipt of the invoice.
  6. If, by the end of the month the reseller realizes that they are selling bandwidth well over the initial package ordered they may contact Bandwidth Bar to request an upgrade on their account.

Reseller pricing

Portal and payment gateway setup fee - once off:
R1500 ex VAT

Realm registration:
R75 ex VAT

Realm per month:
R180 ex VAT

Please phone us on 010 007 1056 if you are unclear or have any questions.