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In control and constantly connected

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Uncapped ADSL means that you have no limit in terms of bandwidth, uncapped connectivity means no additional charges at the end of the month. Uncapped ADSL gives you the freedom to stay in control and connected for a flat monthly fee.

BandwidthBar offers both residential and business-use uncapped ADSL solutions.

  • Speed
    • 1MB
    • 2MB
    • 4MB
    • 10MB
    • 20MB
    • 40MB
    • Setup Fee
  • Residential Uncapped

    Modem required

    Pricing (Incl VAT)
    • 1MB R 289.00
    • 2MB R 437.50
    • 4MB R 556.00
    • 10MB R 1000.00
    • 20MB R 1278.00
    • 40MB R 1580.00
    • Free
  • Residential Uncapped Static IP

    Modem supplied, includes 5 IP's, NAT and No NAT option

    Pricing (Incl VAT)
    • 1MB R 333.50
    • 2MB R 504.50
    • 4MB R 641.00
    • 10MB R 1154.00
    • 20MB R 1460.00
    • 40MB R 1650.00
    • R 950.00
  • Business uncapped

    Modem required

    Pricing (Incl VAT)
    • 1MB R 439.00
    • 2MB R 735.00
    • 4MB R 1031.50
    • 10MB R 1476.00
    • 20MB R 1789.00
    • 40MB R 1989.00
    • Free
  • Business Uncapped Static IP

    Modem supplied, includes 5 IP's, NAT and No NAT option

    Pricing (Incl VAT)
    • 1MB R 506.00
    • 2MB R 848.00
    • 4MB R 1190.00
    • 10MB R 1703.00
    • 20MB R 2130.00
    • 40MB R 2450.00
    • R 950.00

*Reseller pricing available

Uncapped Acceptable Usage Policy

Residential Uncapped Accounts
It is our goal to provide the best possible internet experience for all of our customers using Uncapped services and as such we reserve the right to manage uncapped users in order to achieve optimal performance for all clients across our network. We may contact you from time to time to make changes in order to receive the best possible internet experience.

Business Uncapped ADSL
The available capacity and the performance of our network is evaluated regularly. If available capacity is under pressure we will manage customer's accounts where necessary in order to give all customers the best possible internet experience. Customers who have used more than the average user will be managed first by our Protocol Manager. Should your account become managed we will only manage your Peer to Peer, HTTP download and NNTP traffic. As your usage starts to fall within the average users group the management on your traffic will be relaxed. This account is optimized for Business Users where high priority is given to business protocols (VOIP, Terminal Services, Web Browsing, Email). Peer to Peer, HTTP downloading and NNTP traffic is restricted as they are not typical business protocols.

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For more information on our uncapped ADSL solutions please contact us on 010 007 1056 or email info@bandwidthbar.co.za

BandwidthBar offers reseller options on our uncapped ADSL solutions. To learn more please contact us on 010 007 1056 or email info@bandwidthbar.co.za to learn more.